Photo Booth Proposal // Harland and Megan

Yesterday, I photographed the cutest proposal! Harland and Megan are here in Seattle visiting from New York. Harland contacted me a few months ago with his idea to propose in a photo booth. I was beyond excited to be a part of the action! We decided the Columbia Tower's view would make for the perfect Seattle Cityscape backdrop. We pulled some strings and I set up my photo booth in the Skyview Observatory. It's a tourist attraction anyway, so it made for a seamless surprise. To make it a little more believable, I offered this "free photo booth service" for all the observatory guests. Harland checked in with my while his fiance-to-be used the restroom. They "stumbled upon" the photo booth and took some cute photos with their son Emery. Then Harland said, "Let's take another one without props." That was my queue. Harland said, "You know what would make this more special?" and pulled out the ring box. I'm sure you can feel how elated and completely stunned she was! Thank you Harland and Megan for letting me document such an exhilarating and sweet moment. I wiped away tears from behind my camera too!